That first time

I often wonder what lures a person to try a drug that first time. I know my first cigarette and my first drink were linked to the excitement of being naughty or rebellious, it was fun and an experimental stage. Unfortunately the cigarettes continued well into the dependency stage on the spectrum of drug use. […]

Down the rabbit hole

How easy it is for me to suddenly lunge head first down the rabbit hole. I go without thought beforehand in search of all the negative experiences and impacts drug use and the subsequent death of Kristopher have had on myself and others around me. I search in the darkness for the grief, the sadness, […]


I feel strongly about the impact of stigma on a person, a group of people or even attendance at an organisation. Stigma results in unfair treatment, it can mean we who are being stigmatised don’t get equitable treatment in our daily lives. By standing up to this hopefully we can shift attitudes.

Deal with it straight away

Recently I had a car accident which has resulted in my PTSD being triggered. A consequence of this is that memories of events that happened in the past are now in the forefront of my mind. They are tormenting me as I recall without wanting to the injustices I experienced during an intense time of […]


I am not too good at this technical stuff but if you copy and paste the link into browser it takes you to the podcast—

The police dog ate the ecstasy

The stress of drug related activities with Kris, his partner and his friends drove me to a point of madness. I struggle to find the words to describe my home being raided by police and the subsequent treatment I endured from them, from my employer the Victorian Education department, the manager of Eastern Metropolitan Regional […]

I was there

But I was there. I was there for kinder duties, for school, helping with homework, I was there taking him to doctors and hospital with his asthma. I drove him to basketball, I watched and barracked. I cooked his tea every night and made sure he had clean clothes for school. I loved him, hugged […]