Love and Compassion


Who are we without love and compassion? Love drives the world, it propels us in directions where we can take risks to participate in life, secure in the knowledge that behind us ready to embrace are those who love us.

Compassion is defined as the sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others:

To thrive in this world we need both love and compassion. When I write about the difficulties facing families who are watching and witnessing the destructive behaviours of drug use we need to be loving and compassionate towards those family members. Often families feel devoid of any love and compassion as it appears to be stripped from them by the mere helplessness of their situation.

Love doesn’t disappear when a person begins using drugs or alcohol, it conceals itself in a safe place. The person using loses sight of that safe place and any compassion they felt for themselves or others can be buried deep within.

And so we suffer because we believe we have lost them but we haven’t. Extending a never ending hand displaying our love and compassion can be the strength to guide them back or if not back at least for them to know they are never truly alone.

Through love and compassion we hold hope in our hands, protecting that hope until our loved ones can hold it themselves. Even when we lose our loved one we can still cherish the hope for them.