Hotter than Hell-Grinspoon

I am sitting waiting for Grinspoon to begin. I can hear the bands from home though being there would be brilliant.

Grinspoon you have ransacked our lives for a very long time. I can recall Kris and his love for your music deafening me with Chemical Heart and Hard act to Follow on repeat.

I have found your ticket butts and stubbie holders treasured items of Kristopher’s, mementos of crazy nights with siblings and cousins where he had so much fun and far too much chemical enhancement.

Grinspoon you soothe our hearts and light the fire of so many memories.

We sent Kristopher on his way with Minute by Minute which is how I continue to grapple my way through my grief.

I can’t begin to imagine how you would have indulged in this day with Grinspoon at your doorstep, playing live in Mt Evelyn, so close to home for havoc to happen. I could endure the stress of your antics and the phone calls to pick you up just to have you here one more day to see your Grinners grin.

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