Pondering Grief-following the loss of a loved one

This is the written version of the podcast

How does grief steer you from a weeping heart to a laughing spirit- ?

Grief in all its complexities

Allows you to say goodbye

To someone you love,
and to someone who loved you.

Grief allows you to thank someone

For making you special in their life and for allowing

That person to have been special in your life.

Grief reminds you that love and life are precious and not to be taken for granted


Transcends love from here to there and back again


Brings tears when there should be laughter


Brings laughter when there should be tears



Reminds us that we are the ships finding our way across

The sea of life— but we are not the wake that drives the ship

Grief lights the way


The maze of memories unlocking inside revealing that life is amazing

Grief Hurts

Grief hurts reflecting the love we felt

Grief is ours alone to share when we can with those who will listen.

Grief asks us not to judge our own life or the life of the one we lost

Grief asks us to learn from the journey we have had with them to relish in the lessons we have learnt together

Grief confronts us with the truth that one day we too will die.

Grief gives back the opportunity to know ourselves and to love again.

Grief makes us cry.

It makes us cry for them and all we had with them
it makes us cry for us and the time we will no longer have

Grief shatters the dreams that we shared with the one we lost.

Grief opens up the way to create new dreams.

Grief explores the essence of our being.

The path of grief can be one of turmoil and pain.

Avoiding grief will bring it tumbling back to us when we least expect it.

Grief allows us the opportunity to celebrate life. The life we shared and the life yet to be, grief allows us to hold our memories close

And then let the soul go free.

Knowing we were loved.

Life is lent for just a moment. Enjoy it while it is in your hand.

Grief will give life back to you different than before

Your heart will still weep as your spirit finds laughter again



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