If I was standing in front of other mothers, what would I say?

For a moment I am imagining that I am standing at the front of a room filled with mothers struggling with a child or children immersed in drug use and all its ramifications.

What would I like to say to them? What could I tell them that might change how they are feeling?

I would say to them that I too have wandered and been lost, that there were days I was filled with despair where I wanted to run away from the world or at least the corner I was living in.

I would also say to them that yes that tiredness is real, that exhaustion that makes brushing your own hair equate to running a marathon is real.

I would say I know the feeling where you believed all fingers were pointing at you and mouths were gossiping about you for “being the mother with that son”  I can feel your struggle, the weight of the pain you carry and live with daily.  I would also share that eventually  I hit my head on rock bottom and  awoke.

It was then that I realised I was not that pain, I was not that chaos, neither of those are who I am and that neither are who I will always be.

I would remind each one that they are amazing women who love their child/children through the most wonderful times of life and love their child/children through the worst of times.

I would stress to each and every mum standing in front of me that they were courageous stepping up for their children, that they showed signs of compassion and caring, that they were powerful and beautiful beings and to hold onto that as they regain their hope and strength.

I would share my spiritual belief that my son chose me to be his mother on this wild journey as he had so much to teach me and for me to learn about human relationships.

I am grateful for his trust in me and I hope that each mother will find the gems in the journey that will give them strength to believe again in their own amazing qualities.

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