That first time

I often wonder what lures a person to try a drug that first time. I know my first cigarette and my first drink were linked to the excitement of being naughty or rebellious, it was fun and an experimental stage. Unfortunately the cigarettes continued well into the dependency stage on the spectrum of drug use.

Like most others of our time of growing up I tried cannabis. I must admit on my travels through Afghanistan I indulged in local black hashish. And yes at the time I enjoyed the experience with no consideration for the dangers I could be facing, not from the drug itself but the country and environment I was in.

Alcohol aligned well with partying and pubs and bands, it was legal, once I turned eighteen, it served its purpose.

Depending on who we are with and where we are influences what we will do and what we will participate in. I know I liked the challenge of life and to take risks and I saw that in Kristopher, but I also had a switch off button that said no to more dangerous activities.

I often wonder about the first time someone injects. Are the a little bit anxious? Frightened or excited? What quality do they possess that allows them to take that step over the threshold and into the unknown?

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