The police dog ate the ecstasy

The stress of drug related activities with Kris, his partner and his friends drove me to a point of madness. I struggle to find the words to describe my home being raided by police and the subsequent treatment I endured from them, from my employer the Victorian Education department, the manager of Eastern Metropolitan Regional office and from the family of his partner at the time.

During the months leading up to the raid my own life had been chaotic. While my youngest son Tezz was in hospital having his chest reconstructed my brother Bruce died. At that particular point I was having limited contact with Kris and Kristen. In the following weeks Tezz was rushed back into hospital with a heart infection from the reconstruction and had to undergo emergency surgery. I was barely putting one foot in front of the other. Jaime deferred her uni at Deakin in Geelong and returned home to help with Tezz. One afternoon on the way home from picking him up from senior campus a drug affected woman plowed into the back of her little car and wrote it off. Tezz was back at the hospital again for further treatment and checkups.

My work took me all over the state. Long days of training and travel. During that time Kris and Kristen returned to the house, living in his room and only showing their faces to come in and out of the house. I had no interaction with them. They put locks and chains on doors and kept to themselves.

To have police in flak jackets run through your home, guns on their hips, police dogs ripping your possessions apart is terrifying. To be threatened by Acting Sergeant Paul Bell that everything I have will be taken from me as proceeds of crime, that he would make sure I lost my job–which he did do-a career of over thirty years of teaching taken from me placing the family in a state of poverty. Rapidly I was going mad.

I was accused of allowing Kristen to sell drugs from my home and served with charges by the Education Department for this. I was not charged for allowing Kris to do this!! My government issued car was in the driveway. The police dogs were put through it. Apparently there was evidence I had ecstasy in the car, unfortunately as”written in the police response to me “was destroyed or eaten by the police dog!!

The report failed to mention if they played doof doof music for him on the way back to the Ringwood police station.

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  1. geeze youve done parenting hard…I have no other words Im stumped at the treatment you endured by the State which wonders why there is little respect for “the law”. I truly admire your tenacity xx

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