Pondering Grief-following the loss of a loved one

This is the written version of the podcast How does grief steer you from a weeping heart to a laughing spirit- ? Grief in all its complexities Allows you to say goodbye To someone you love, and to someone who loved you. Grief allows you to thank someone For making you special in their life […]

Naloxone- history and irony

Sometimes the world is a strange phenomenon, odd peculiarities happen and as an observer you can be left wondering how on earth did things work out that way. Let’s look at  Dr. Jack Fishman who helped develop Naloxone a powerful medication to counter the potentially fatal overdoses. These overdoses were occurring from the use of […]

If I was standing in front of other mothers, what would I say?

For a moment I am imagining that I am standing at the front of a room filled with mothers struggling with a child or children immersed in drug use and all its ramifications. What would I like to say to them? What could I tell them that might change how they are feeling? I would […]

Down the rabbit hole

How easy it is for me to suddenly lunge head first down the rabbit hole. I go without thought beforehand in search of all the negative experiences and impacts drug use and the subsequent death of Kristopher have had on myself and others around me. I search in the darkness for the grief, the sadness, […]

The police dog ate the ecstasy

The stress of drug related activities with Kris, his partner and his friends drove me to a point of madness. I struggle to find the words to describe my home being raided by police and the subsequent treatment I endured from them, from my employer the Victorian Education department, the manager of Eastern Metropolitan Regional […]

oh the places you go

Where do I begin sharing the story of one family’s experiences . I begin by saying I love all my children equally, they are no longer children in the eyes of the world, they are adults. Our lives and who we are today has evolved from a long period of drug use by a dearly […]