brave and broken

I have avoided writing for the past twenty-four hours resisting all temptation to put pen to paper so to speak. Why? I learnt yesterday that a close friend who is also a mother lost her child. I am catapulted back to a space in my psyche still raw despite the passing years, a space I […]

Hotter than Hell-Grinspoon

I am sitting waiting for Grinspoon to begin. I can hear the bands from home though being there would be brilliant. Grinspoon you have ransacked our lives for a very long time. I can recall Kris and his love for your music deafening me with Chemical Heart and Hard act to Follow on repeat. I have […]

My intention

This Christmas will be my tenth Christmas without Kris. I have set an intention that I will not drown in my memories of the chaos, the fear, the struggle against the desperate need for the drug, the lonely partying into the dark hours of the night and the hideous pain of addiction. These memories do […]

Another Christmas

The Christmas celebrations are closing in, a time those of us who have lost someone dread. Your absence Kristopher is heightened. Truthfully no day passes where a longing for you does not exist. The empty chair at the table bristles  reminding me you  won’t ever sit on it again. I could move the chair away […]

Pondering Grief-following the loss of a loved one

This is the written version of the podcast How does grief steer you from a weeping heart to a laughing spirit- ? Grief in all its complexities Allows you to say goodbye To someone you love, and to someone who loved you. Grief allows you to thank someone For making you special in their life […]

Naloxone- history and irony

Sometimes the world is a strange phenomenon, odd peculiarities happen and as an observer you can be left wondering how on earth did things work out that way. Let’s look at  Dr. Jack Fishman who helped develop Naloxone a powerful medication to counter the potentially fatal overdoses. These overdoses were occurring from the use of […]

It’s time to work together

Currently the community is in a heightened state of awareness regarding drug use. Our awareness of overdose deaths is highlighted daily in social media and mainstream media. Visually presented are the lives lost, pictures of the location where another soul has lost the battle and the confronting distressed images of those who are left behind. The […]

Anything should be possible

When I was caught up in the chaos of drug use by my eldest son I found myself disempowered in many situations. When a person has an addiction the drug use and chaos isn’t only a Saturday night out event.  It is twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Depending on the drug […]

If I was standing in front of other mothers, what would I say?

For a moment I am imagining that I am standing at the front of a room filled with mothers struggling with a child or children immersed in drug use and all its ramifications. What would I like to say to them? What could I tell them that might change how they are feeling? I would […]